Setting gold standards for exceptional bakery

ARYZTA is Ireland’s top food supplier, offering quality Irish food to retailers nationwide. We focus on excellence to deliver value and growth for our partners and customers, prioritising customer satisfaction with our superior products and services.

Highest standards

We provide exceptional customer service and great food with a carefully crafted product range. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every meal is memorable and exceeds your expectations. Trust us to deliver food that pleases everyone.


ARYZTA stays ahead of global food trends through research and analysis of the international food market. This allows us to keep our customers informed of the latest developments and innovations.

Quality & Efficiency

Our operations are held to exceptional standards, from sourcing to manufacturing and distribution. We maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence and always deliver the highest level of quality in everything we do.

Channel Solutions

With a deep comprehension of the distinct needs of food service, grocery, and retail businesses, we have developed an extensive range of solutions that cater to all channels. Our offerings are perfectly tailored to ensure suitability across diverse industries, providing you with unparalleled versatility and convenience.

Authentic sourdough bread

Our sourdough products honour the essential elements for authentic sourdough production by using a live perpetual starter which has been grown and regenerated for over 30 years.

Our Brands

Our brand portfolio ranges across brands both familiar with consumers and our customers. Each brand offers something unique to our retail and foodservice customers, from bakery and deli counter food offerings to hot beverages we are a supplier that offers choice. We provide the flexibility to offer our products as branded or unbranded solutions.

For over 32 years Cuisine de France continues making moments special by producing the best in class French breads, pastries and sweet treats.

Coup de Pates is a premium foodservice brand offering a range of finished and semi-finished products.

Pierre’s provides the finest range of hot food-to-go offerings in the Irish market.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is sourced with the same high standards of Starbuck’s Coffee, using only the finest Arabica beans (100%), which are also Fairtrade certified.

Make a Career from Making an Impact

Make your mark with ARYZTA, the leading supplier of innovative solutions and services for the food industry. Our unwavering commitment to passion and excellence makes us the perfect choice for those who thrive on challenge and opportunity. Join us today and discover why ARYZTA is the ideal career move for you.

We care about sustainability

By connecting with local food suppliers in Ireland and producers, ARYZTA is embracing sustainability. Our new multi-local business model is aligning ARYZTA with the sustainability trends of sourcing, producing and consuming locally.

They trust us

We support a number of businesses across the retail and foodservice industry in Ireland.

Our Certifications

BRCGS Storage and Distribution

ARYZTA Ireland are certified to Grade AA for Storage & Distribution V4 of the BRC standards.

BRCGS Agents and Brokers

ARYZTA Ireland are certified to Grade AA for Agents & Brokers V3 of the BRC standards.

Guaranteed Irish

Awarded to businesses based in Ireland that support sustainable jobs, contribute to our local communities, and are committed to Irish provenance.

Origin Green

Awarded for meeting the evolving sustainable needs and demands for Irish businesses in the country.