A delicious range of sweet treats packed full of flavour.

ARYZTA: Elevating your Sweet Bakery Solutions

At ARYZTA, we redefine indulgence with our selection of muffins, cookies, and donuts, packed with unparalleled flavour. We aren’t just a bakery; we’re your strategic partner to enhance your in store bakery by delighting customers..

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Our range is not merely a bakery solution; it is an essential addition to your business. We recreate classics but with a tasty twist, setting us apart from the competition. Our dual offering of bake-off and thaw-and-serve solutions empowers businesses like yours to optimise time and resources.

Quality Ingredients and Innovative Baked Goods

Our unique combinations of top-tier ingredients and inventive recipes allow us to meet the ever-evolving consumer demands. We’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. Our offerings cater to the on-the-go market, making it a breeze for retailers to meet shoppers’ needs.

Muffins: Delicious Sweet Treats

Our muffins are more than just airy and feather-light; they’re a showcase of inventive flavour profiles and fillings. From classics to those infused with compotes and caramels, we achieve an unparalleled balance between decadence and lightness.

Donuts: The Sweet Bakery Taste Experience

Crafted with the highest quality components, our donuts are loved nationally as a delicious 5-piece jam donut bag, a popular treat among sweet bakery lovers.

Cookies: Unmatched Indulgence with ARYZTA

Experience captivating crunch and the stickiest chew with our supremely indulgent cookies. Packed with the finest chunks and baked to golden crisp perfection, our signature recipe delivers an indulgence no other brand can rival. Discover the ARYZTA difference today.


Airy and feather-light, our muffins are a masterclass in flavour and filling. From your classic muffin with inclusions to those with compotes and caramels, these inventive creations achieve a brilliance of balance between decadence and lightness.


Luxuriously and lovingly crafted donuts in a range of tempting, contemporary flavours. Utilising the highest quality ingredients for a superior taste experience and visual appeal that cannot be rivalled.


Captivating crunch alongside the stickiest chew, our range of supremely indulgent cookies are packed with more of the finest chunks than any other brand and baked to perfection for that golden crisp that only our signature recipe can deliver.