Freshly baked pastries your consumers are going to love.

Our Expertise

At ARYZTA, we understand the art of baking and we love what we do. Our extensive knowledge and specialised skills enable us to provide an array of bakery, pastry, and snacking wholesale bakery products.

Passion for Pastry

Our heart lies in pastry. Our unique approach to creating delicious, creative quality products is designed to meet diverse customer needs. Whether it’s the meticulous process of folding dough for a perfectly layered croissant or handpicking luscious fillings for sweet treats, we have the perfect solution for you.

Highest Quality & Care

We ensure that the best ingredients and processes are used to create our pastries, especially when preparing our dough. Our delicious products are designed with our customers in mind, ensuring they are easy to prepare, finish, and serve. High-quality ingredients are non-negotiable for us when it comes to creating top-tier products

Par Baked Bakery Goods

Many of our bakery products are flash-baked, meaning these beautiful creations take only minutes to bake off. This allows you to provide fresh, great-tasting baked goods every day.

Wide Range of Choices

Our pride lies in offering customers an extensive range of fantastic pastry products. We believe broad choice increases customer satisfaction, hence we provide a carefully compiled selection of pastries, sweet treats and American bakery.

Catering to All Moments

From the early morning coffee run to the late commute home, our diverse products can ensure your bakery offers the ideal products for every moment. Ensuring freshly baked goodness for your customers every day!

Bakery Wholesale

ARYZTA is the premier wholesale bakery provider, offering top-quality products and bakery services to businesses in the food industry. ARYZTA is an excellent choice for any business looking to elevate their baked goods selection. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product meets the highest safety and taste standards, while our wide range of options provides businesses with a variety of delicious products that will satisfy even the most discerning customers.


The croissant, a popular classic. Our pastries are golden-brown with light layers and a touch of butter to create a mouth-watering treat.

Danish Pastries

Our delicious Danish pastries are a multi-layered, laminated dough in the viennoiserie tradition. Although similar to that of a croissant, these pastries tend to be a sweeter selection of products.

Other Viennoiserie

We are constantly innovating our pastry offering, we have a full range with delicious flavours and fillings from sweet to savoury.