The finest semi finished goods to elevate your businesses offering.

Dessert Wholesale Ireland 

ARYZTA, an esteemed brand name in the realm of dessert wholesale in Ireland. We offer an exquisite range of desserts and reception goods, meticulously designed for food service businesses. Our high-quality products pose a fantastic option to elevate any dish, making us the go-to dessert wholesalers.

Premium Quality Products

Our finest semi-finished goods are the perfect solution to enhance your business’s offerings. We provide an assortment of finished and semi-finished goods, ideal for businesses with bustling services requiring high-quality, great-tasting solutions.

Versatile Suppliers of Dessert Options

Our product range is varied and versatile, from luscious chocolate cakes to vibrant fruity Bavarois. These options serve to enrich your food service menus with an array of irresistible desserts. With minimal preparation required, some require baking, others are simply thaw and serve,  we offer our clients game-changing, hassle-free solutions that can significantly streamline their business operations.

Reception Goods

For special events and occasions, we, as suppliers, also offer a wide range of visually appealing canapés and other delectable small bites to party providers. Despite their size, these savoury and sweet pieces deliver a powerful punch of flavour, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all attendees.

Suppliers of Semi-Prepared Products

Among our sought-after offerings provide the benefit of minimal preparation.. These are ideal for those in the food service industry looking to save time when preparing for their meal services. Our semi-prepared bites offer a multitude of solutions and benefits to our customers making us a trusted supplier.

Other Categories

Browse through our extensive range of categories and discover tasty, innovative products for your business.


From indulgent rich chocolate cakes to a colourful fruity bavouir, our vast variety of desserts have options for all foodservice customers to strengthen their menus.

Reception Goods

Ideal for events and other occasions we offer eye catching canapés and other small bites. Although these decorative savoury and sweet pieces look small, they are visually stunning and are packed full of flavour.

Semi Prepared Products

A popular group of products that require very little preparation. Ideal for those in foodservice, customers can save time when preparing for their meal services with these fantastic bites.