Our Strategy

Our new sustainability strategy covers key environmental, social and governance topics, to support us in managing foundational topics and expanding our sustainability ambitions. It demonstrates our broader corporate strategy to transform the global business into a value creative model through strong engagement with customers, superior product innovation and high service levels.

In 2023, our focus will be to integrate this strategy in our business, measuring baseline progress against our goals, and developing action plans to achieve our ambitions. To demonstrate our commitment to integrating sustainability into the processes of our business, we have appointed an ESG sponsor at board level, representing the commitment of our senior leadership to drive our strategic vision. As well as managing our impacts and improving efficiencies in our business, our new strategy will build resilience to global challenges such as climate change and respond to growing customer and regulatory needs.

Purpose Driven Governance

We strongly believe that sustainability is a value-creating agenda and our new strategy is fully aligned with our overall business ambition ‘To become the best partner for bake-off solutions across all our channels and markets’. Our approach has been informed by a detailed materiality assessment, to understand and address the drivers of sustainability performance in our business. With a strategy in place, we are now getting down to the hard work of implementing programmes to drive sustainable performance.

Environmental Efficiency

To ensure environmental efficiencies and practices are built into our everyday operations as a business.

Our Environment

Delivering the gold standard in bake-off’ is our value proposition. Whilst on this journey, we want to build environmental efficiencies into our everyday operations and our supply chains. This involves particular focus on reducing our carbon footprint, in reducing all types of waste (i.e. food waste and packaging waste) and improving our water footprint.

Social Value

That each employee contributes directly to ARYZTA’s growth and success.

Great tasting food should be for everyone, we want to produce something for every taste, using clean, nutritious ingredients that consumers trust. We already have strong relationships with our suppliers and want to work with them to implement more sustainable practices. As a business we rely on ecosystems to deliver our raw ingredients and are committed to protecting the biodiversity on which these ecosystems rely.

Our ambition is to build regenerative agriculture into our supply chain to increase the positive impact we have with our products. We want to build on our existing food safety standard certifications and ensure our packaging delivers transparent nutritional guidance and ingredient traceability for our customers and their consumers.

Setting gold standards for exceptional bakery

In order to meet the needs of grocery retail convenience and foodservice businesses across the country, we have developed and enhanced our portfolio of specialist brands, all of which deliver value and growth for our partners and customers.