Providing branded and unbranded solutions for our retail and foodservice customers.


With a wealth of expertise in the world of coffee, we are thrilled to become your new coffee supplier. Whether you’re seeking a branded solution or a food service option, we source and supply the finest quality coffee beans to deliver rich, flavourful fresh coffee.


Our comprehensive branded solution “Seattles Best Coffee”  equips retailers with all they need to kickstart their coffee journey – from top-of-the-range equipment to an expansive selection of beverages. Coupled with dedicated marketing support, our distinct brand with its robust look and feel becomes instantly recognisable to consumers. In addition, our distinctive and consistent brand identity helps to communicate our offering and enables retailers to communicate the exceptional taste of our coffee to their customers effectively. Our hallmark branded bean is a Fairtrade-certified 100% Arabica Coffee Bean, guaranteeing a deliciously smooth taste.


For our food service clients, we’re proud to roast two exceptional, unbranded coffee beans right here in the heart of Ireland. Both coffee beans offer an exceptional taste experience. Our Brazilian bean delivers notes of nuts, chocolate, and vanilla, creating a well-rounded, delightful flavour profile. In contrast, our Colombian blend hits the senses with notes of chocolate and roasted hazelnut, providing a unique, tantalising taste. As one of the leading coffee suppliers in Ireland, we ensure that quality and taste are at the core of what we provide.

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